​Universiteiten en hogescholen die hun sollicitanten en internationale profielen willen helpen om impact te maken op een sollicitatie en professionele ontmoetingen.


Preventie adviseurs, HR-diensten en rekruteerders die werknemers en kandidaten willen begeleiden op het vlak van welzijn op het werk en non-verbale communicatie.


Bedrijven die willen investeren in de non-verbale communicatie van hun team en medewerkers willen leren om in professionele situaties sterk te staan en duurzame nieuwe contacten te leggen met klanten, collega’s, enzovoort.


- Meer welzijn en balans voor een authentieke personal (team) branding

- Advies over non-verbale communicatie

- Hands-on-benadering

- Praktische oefeningen

- Rollenspellen

- Als eerste laagdrempelige kennismaking met personeel, klanten, etc


Brandingsessies van 20 minuten in groep of individueel 



De Branding Booth van Boost4beauty biedt een waardevolle extra op alle (job)events, bedrijfshappenings en online teambuildings.

Booth Boost4beauty .jpg

How? OUTside - IN coaching: individual / group: 20 min boost session

True? At the Booth of Boost4beauty at Your (Job) event

Why? Boosting people makes sense  


Scope of application:  

On behalf of Flemish universities, give their graduates, applicants, international profiles more impact in advance.

Job fairs, also online.

Connecting and standardizing a professional team of people. 

Team building activity.

Boost a fast professional contact, install trust.  



You only get 1 chance to make a good first impression

or a sustainable professional contact

to do with other people.  


Book one of the 5 domains per event:


BODY session 

By 2 minutes before a job interview or before any professional 

important contact 

adopt a "forceful and open attitude"

instead of a "closed and protective"

you have a better chance

- get the job or assignment 

- to make a good first impression

- to quickly lay the foundation of a good professional relationship

- your direction  & target to follow

- to remain in your stability during certain professional circumstances

Purely through your attitude and body language you can reduce stress

and quickly boost your confidence.  

SKIN session  

One of the 5 tips in non-verbal communication, the skin is our

network organ.

Makeup and professional photo.  

LOOK session  

Additionally, I can give a boost in how you present yourself to

the outside world.  

Presenting you authentically with more impact.

Color advice can be discussed, not style advice.  

For a team of people it can be useful of professional uniformity

to create to focus on the  essence (the message or the company)  

MIND session

Shift focus.  

Boost self-confidence.  

Raise potential.

Roll plays

HOME(OFFICE) session

5 TIPS to visualize Online with more impact.  

We set this up online together.  

The Impact of non-verbal communication on Life & Business