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Target audience

​Universities and colleges that want to help their applicants and international profiles make an impact on a job application and professional encounters.


Prevention advisors, HR services and recruiters who want to guide employees and candidates in the field of well-being at work and non-verbal communication.


Companies that want to invest in the non-verbal communication of their team and want to teach employees to stand strong in professional situations and to make lasting new contacts with customers, colleagues, and so on.


- More well-being and balance for an authentic personal (team) branding

- Advice on non-verbal communication

- Hands-on approach

- Practical exercises

- Role playing

- As the first low-threshold introduction to staff, customers, etc


20 minute group or individual branding sessions 



The Boost4beauty Branding Booth offers a valuable extra at all (job) events, company events and online teambuildings.

Well-being at work


Branding Booth 

Team Building Companies Job Event

This booth that we set up for one day at your company or event is one aspect of Boost4beauty,

to make first contact in a short and simple way in a very relaxed atmosphere. 


A Branding session in the Branding Booth lasts 20 minutes and

is tailored to your needs and expectations.

Branding for more focus!

You only make a first impression once.

He is the key to lasting relationships with others.

Branding booth op locati
Booth Boost4beauty .jpg

The Impact of non-verbal communication on Life & Business

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