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Corporate Wellbeing

Staging & Coaching


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Workshop to prevent stress

Monthly services with follow-up programs

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Workshop First Impression in real


Confidence, professional,

attractive and authentic charisma.

My input is mainly non-verbal and an investment in the right mindset.

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Online Coaching

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Corporate Wellbeing

Staging Home (Office)

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Corporate Relax Room

Companies invest in a fitness room, that’s one more performance you ask your employees. I furnish an Alpha-room for your company, a healthy relaxation room with accessories to regenerate, a unique pause to recharge the brain, it stimulates the productivity and creativity for you and for your employees, excellent stress prevention.Equipment can be bought or leased.

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Home & Office staging

Examine how, via layout and use of colors, a room brings out the right quality, the one that is important on this spot, for this employee and/or customers who use the room. 

Not a refurbishment from A to Z, but a reconfiguration of existing elements, take away or add some elements; the idea is to give each person a real own place, to stimulate inter-relationships, and consequently enhance productivity and everybody's wellbeing.   

Workshop Profile

Character type / Play true/LinkedIn Picture

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Feedback sessions are always foreseen, in order to measure the results of the transformation and how they can possibly be adjusted.

Vragenijst Intake shutterstock_414742438

Interview Intake


Individual Interviews can be organised, combined or not with the Make Up Booth, to inject a little humor, to reduce the barriers. It simply provides a very authentic outcome of an interview, possibly in combination with a questionnaire, online or not. 

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The workshop or interview or service takes place individually in the company

or in Sint-Martens-Latem or online.

It can be completed by individual follow-up sessions in Sint-Martens-Latem, exclusively for women.

In cooperation with other coaches, it can also be organized for smaller groups within the company, or with overnight stay in a country house in Frasnes-lez-Anvaing.

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Waiting Room -reception

Attractive First Contact place

Customers Reception – Waiting lounge

Feel welcome, be attractive for a higher number of persons.

Build pure, authentic relations, a first step towards good long term relationships.

Shine, at least in the space your customers see, smell, feel, hear… and experience totally at first contact.

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Workshop Home & Office

organization, atmosphere and efficiency for homeworkers. 

Coach Team

Cooperation with other independent coaches who propose themes such as ‘work/life balance’, ‘less absenteeism’,  ‘workable work’, ‘stress measurement’, ‘vitality’, ‘personal branding’, ‘networking’,  ‘speak in public’, ‘communicate with impact’, ‘personal coaching’, ‘sell with empathy’ etc., fall under the possibilities. 

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