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Corporate Wellbeing

Staging & Coaching


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Stress prevention

Mothly Services with follow-up programs

Corporate Wellbeing

Staging Home (Office)

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Corporate Relax Room


As an alternative to a fitness room, in which your employees need to perform again, I set up an Alpha room for your company or business center: a healthy relaxation room, with attributes to re-generate, a unique break to recharge your brain, that stimulates productivity and creativity and is part of excellent stress prevention. 

Equipment can be purchased or leased.

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First Impression

Confidence, businesslike, attractive and authentic appearance

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Online Coaching

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Office Staging


Looking at how a space through layout and use of colors brings out the right quality that is important in this place ,

for the employee and/or customers who use this space.

No redesign from A-Z, but a rearrangement of existing elements, taking away and adding some elements, the objective is to give each person a real place, to promote the mutual relationships, which benefits the productivity and well-being of everyone.

Consult Profiel 


Personality type, archetypes,

color, photo LinkedIn

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Feedback sessions are also provided at all times, so that the results of the workshops can be measured and adjusted if necessary.

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Interview Intake interview 


Individual interviews can be organized, whether or not in combination with the Make Up Booth to keep the humor in and lower the threshold. It just gives a very authentic outcome of an interview, possibly combined with a questionnaire prepared by the company or we can also provide questionnaires.

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The Workshops, consults,

 interviews or services

take place at the company

or at Sint-Martens-Latem, also online.  

These can be supplemented with individual follow-up sessions at Sint-Martens-Latem, exclusively for ladies.

Together with other coaches also for small groups in the company or with overnight stay in a country house at Frasnes-lez-Anvaing.

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Waiting Room Reception


Feeling welcome, attractive company, building pure, authentic relationships,

first step in good long-term relationships.

Let it radiate, already in the space that Your customers see, smell, feel, hear ,

...experience in their totality at first contact.

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Home Office 

Organization of, atmosphere and efficiency for home workers. 

An important workshop in keeping with current events.

Coach Team

Collaborations with other independent coaches, covering topics such as "work/life balance," "reduced absenteeism," "work-ready work," "stress measurement," "vitality," "personal branding," "networking," "public speaking," "impact communication," "personal coaching," "empathetic selling," "more patients/clients" and the like, are also possible.

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