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Invest in your skin.

It is going to represent you for a very long time.

- Linden Tyler

Your skin says a lot about you. It sometimes shows your age, it externalizes hormonal imbalance, it says something about "how well you can process all the waste products from your body".

When you are tired, sick or tense, you can tell by your skin.

Your skin is the delicate connection between your inner world, of which your emotions are a part, and the world outside you. 

We sometimes don't think about it, but the skin is our largest organ. 

Our largest contact organ with the outside world, our network organ. 


In Western medicine there is a lot of information about the link between the skin and the brain, just think of sticking your hand in boiling water, but Eastern medicine takes this one step further.


It establishes a connection from the skin, with the intestines, the lungs and the heart. When you know how many people experience some kind of intestinal problem, whether or not inspired by food intolerances or stress, it is clear why the cosmetic industry has become big business.


Cosmetic Analysis of Ingredients

I want to make you aware of what you put on your skin. 


I offer aesthetic and cosmetic analyses, I give you advice,

you can book a facial treatment, the daily care of the skin

can be taught. 

My focus in these skin sessions is on using products that are as natural as possible and working on your inner self in parallel. We look at which ingredients are pure and gentle for your skin and which are not. Additional vitamins can also be offered. I shatter the illusions of brands and marketing. 


Just as it is important to let go of tension, negative emotions or destructive beliefs, it is equally important to purify your skin and not burden it further with ingredients that are not good for your skin.

It is an integral part of your self-care.


The aim of this part of the coaching process is to create an optimal basis for your skin, in which glow, calm skin and cleansing and therefore healthy skin are central. And, possibly referral to a specialist "nutrition". 

It is also in this session that I can teach you all professional aesthetic actions for yourself if this is desired. 

For example: How to remove hair yourself in a natural way.

In this session, aesthetic advice can also be given with non-invasive techniques, applied by an aesthetic doctor or plastic surgeon.

This skin session can also be booked on its own, outside the coaching process.

Then check the Clinical Wellness Menu, for an overview of all aesthetic or relaxation treatments outside the coaching process.

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