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Many can furnish a house,

 few understand the art of making a home.


- Anna Dix

People & Home (Office) 

Corporate Well-being 


Boost your well-being!


The room for movement you experience in your home reflects your inner space. The same is also true in the other direction. When we make sure that more outer space is present, our our breathing room inside increases.


So working with the spaces in which you live, work, eat and sleep connects seamlessly with working with the emotional and mental themes. 

Yet at the same time there is a separate perspective.


We first take a detailed look at the plan of your home. If desired, we start with a home visit. The goal is always to get you moving.

Sometimes a written advice on one room is enough to initiate this revolution.


Different elements are analyzed with a clear starting point to optimize your well-being in your home:


- do you get enough rest in your bedroom?

- is there enough focus in your home office?

- does everyone have his own place in the home?

- what colors inspire, empower, relax you?

- how are access routes, i.e. windows and doors, positioned?

- how is your furniture placed in a room? 

- is your house on the right, fertile soil for you? 

- is your house built in the correct compass point? 

- what is the shape of your house?

- is the dynamics in the house such that you feel empowered?


Occasionally a change needs to go so far that a relocation is considered.  Even at that moment I can provide a professional approach both to prepare the house for sale and to start negotiations with a real estate agent. This process connects with the added value you create for yourself. 

Finally, this turnaround leads to finding the right new home for you.

Here too I can guide you.

For this I can also refer you to specialists in the field, depending on your budget.

Wacht ruimte Latem.jpg

The Impact on Life & Business

by Staging Home

Let your home support you in everything you undertake!

Hands-on approach or advice on plan.

This is not interior design advice, but rearranging or removing things

in your home and shifting your focus.


This is a hands-on approach, on a feeling, when I am in the space. 

This is not a science, yet my experience has taught me that this is extremely effective (among other resources) to get people who are stuck moving!


People take new steps after this intervention,

even if there is super much resistance at the beginning,

blockages are removed, a clearer view of the problems.

Absolutely complementary to e.g. a physical approach on the body ,in my practice.

"Like a fresh wind has blown through your house,

it feels lighter,

ballast is gone"


Rather appropriate in homes where you find a lot of “family personal ballast,
memories and materials.”


Worth a try with anyone who suffers from "a feeling of being stuck",

unable to get on with his current life.

Or find it difficult to move to a new home.


A house is more than a roof over your head.


Is also applied when your house is sold, is then more of a marketing tool, 

the house is made more neutral,

the personal touch is removed, it becomes more interesting,

more attractive to a larger group of people. 


These sessions can be used as a concluding part of the coaching process for women,

in which you create your "home".

This home has an identity, in which a quality life can continue to develop, with which you merge interiorly and externally.

This session can also be taken separately.

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