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You are unique!

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Intake conversation and questionnaire



Coaching program for women

I ask you to fill out a short questionnaire to set out from a well-informed base. 


As many elements as possible are examined during our first meeting: your health, important life events, certain inner and outer parameters, your emotions.... 

We discuss where you can get moving and what guidance you need to take the helm.

Together we dive into the emotional and mental depths and heights.


Afterwards, we put the agendas together and map out the individual coaching path, ideally this path takes 6 months, and you make yourself free for 2.5h per month, covering the different angles.


For these appointments, the following time commitment should be taken into account:

Body 2,5h - Skin 2,5h -Look 2,5h -Mind 2,5h -Home 2,5h - Feedback 1h15 (to be determined individually)


Duration session Intake: 1h15

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