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Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world.

― Amit Ray

In the coaching session "Influencing the Mind," we explore the world of your thoughts and beliefs.

We look for the influence of archetypes and examine how your focus functions. 

If it appears that you may be sabotaging yourself, we will work with mind exercises to transform these obstructive thoughts into a set of supportive thoughts that enhance your positive flow.


This mind coaching can be applied to several areas. We can explore beliefs at the level of your health, emotions, even at the spiritual level, depending on the desire or need there is.


Meditation or introspection can be one component, initially becoming aware of your own thoughts and feelings, secondarily supplemented by multiple coaching models. 


CLICK HERE  to check eligibility :

This coaching session MIND can be booked as part of

"the women's coaching program" or can be booked on its own.

This session is eligible for subsidy through career vouchers,

if your coaching question is framed within:

- the work/life balance

- sense of purpose

- learning to apply for a job

- growth and challenge


You can easily pay for a maximum of 7 hours of valuable career guidance with career vouchers.

That way you only pay a small portion yourself.

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