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The impact on Life & Business by staging Home & People          Unlocking hidden potential!

First Impression, Attractiveness Consulting, Boosting People & Home 

Staging People Office shutterstock_72529

for People,

by the Make Up & Coach Booth HR & Events with photographer

This stand we set up for a day at your company or your event is one aspect of Boost4beauty, 

to connect with your employees in a short and easy way in a very relaxed atmosphere.


- As part of a corporate, job or university event, female team building, aesthetic practice, retail chain...

Put your employees, staff, students, clients in the spotlight and let them shine!  

- As part of an intake: with questionnaires to analyse the well-being, flexibility, health, stress and/or fatigue of your employees.

Screening profiles with impact and visibility towards others, e.g. screening potential to grow into field sales and/or more managerial or exemplary roles.

- as part of transition-outreach-female career switch

- as part of a workshop first Impression

- as part of a LinkedIn Profile workshop

- as part of a total package together with other consultants and coaches


High Potential Smart Women
Business People Vrij beroep politieker

for People,

virtual booth & staging of people on screen

Dit is een paragraaf. Klik hier om je eigen tekst toe te voegen.

More and more, the first long-term business relationships are also taking place via an online meeting.

Make a good impression with your (future) boss, colleagues, customers, ....I will help you make an impact on your screen. This session can be paid for with career vouchers as part of career guidance and job applications.

Online Coaching shutterstock_699442555 k

for Home,

by Home and/or Office Staging 

Declutter Life HomeStaging Feng Shui Vas

Rearranging existing elements, advice to make a house or workspace more suitable for its occupants or visitors, e.g. for welcoming potential clients, working efficiently from home, but I also apply it to people who are temporarily stuck in their lives.

Analysis based on a plan or photos: you receive a written opinion or an on-line opinion

Analysis based on a house or company visit: an advice and/or hands-on approach on site

Creating a place that supports you.

Making a house more attractive,

selling a house possibly faster and at a better price,

should this be applicable.

Home Staging Verkoop shutterstock_111644

How do I look online? 


Anyone can look good on a screen.

Boost your impact and focus.


Your colleagues know you, but what if you need to apply online?

Wish to give a webinar?

Or in a commercial environment, that potential customer seeing you on screen for the first time?

Teach online? 

Introduce yourself online to your new team members? 


A first good impression lays the foundation of any good long-term relationship. 


I will gladly guide you.





60 min / € 65

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