Feminine Balance & Empowerment

Coaching trajectory for women


The strength of every woman rests on 5 pillars!

During the coaching trajectory for women you find balance

in every facet of feminine beauty. In a safe place you create space for a new beginning.

Your transition to peace, harmony and vitality. 

From a self-care perspective, you take the time to slow down and then continue stronger than ever and with a new impetus. 

The journey to yourself passes by

in-depth therapeutic fascia treatments, counseling sessions

and aesthetic moments.

The program is tailored to your personal needs.

Each time the emphasis is different. 

The result?

That remains the same: Feminine Balance & Empowerment.

Are you ready for pure beauty and power? 

Inside and out? 

Contact us and allow yourself a growth trajectory. 




Vrouwelijke balans & empowerment

'Een reis naar jezelf'

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Vragenlijst Intake .jpg

I ask you to fill in a short questionnaire to get started on a well-informed basis.  


As many elements as possible are examined during our first meeting: your health, the important life events, your emotions…  

We discuss where you can get moving and what guidance you need to take the helm.

Together we dive into the physical, emotional and mental and possibly spiritual depths and heights.

As a follow-up to the intake, I work out a personal plan.  

During the next session we go over the plan and compare our agendas to determine the different dates of the sessions.  

Ideally we have together  

  1 session of 2.5h per month.


The second skin is your look . Colors can be discussed here, which can reinforce your personality or support a turnaround. This is not style advice, but is viewed from various psychological typologies and possibly from the physical weaknesses and strengths that you experience. 

The second skin represents what you represent to the outside world.


You evaluate. 

I evaluate.

We evaluate together.  

Your notebook, my findings, additional questions,..... are discussed in this session. 

Body .jpg

The first emotional contact is made with the body , in which the release of tension, consciously or unconsciously stored in the body, is central. This is done through touch, including through fascia therapy and intuitive massages.  


I am professionally trained as a physiotherapist and have further specialized in deep relaxation through fascia therapy, cranial therapy, causal foot reflexology, deep massages, breathing techniques, bio-energetic techniques,....   



vrouw zen op het werk.jpg

This is how we make the transition to your mind , this is done with a coaching session 'Influencing the Mind', where we dive a little deeper into the world of thoughts with the aim of bending them into positive beliefs that will take you further on your path.

This session qualifies for career coaching.

- Define yourself

- Make choices

- dealing more consciously with events, circumstances, signals, complaints, ...

Your view on a work situation often determines whether you evolve towards a burn out or whether you still take action in time to prevent a bore or burn out!  

But it doesn't have to get that far, if you experience in time how the mind-body connection works correctly, you can use this tool to go through life more efficiently.  

Meditation can also be discussed in this session.  


Then comes the physical skin  offer. This first skin represents the delicate connection between your inner self and your outer appearance. In this phase I especially want to make you aware of your skin and provide you with resources and methods so that you can further develop the care for your skin. A skin needs to breathe. Together we look at the ingredients of the cosmetics you use. We go for glow and balanced, nourished and healthy skin.

Boost4beauty. jpg

The third skin is your home . We look at the plan of your house together, sometimes a home visit is important. We look at the most important rooms and certainly also your home office, if you have one.

Just as we should keep the skin clean, not make your body a dump of emotions and events, so  it may be necessary to clean up or rearrange everything to increase the breathing space in your home.

The movement in your home represents your own way of moving.

I attach great importance to a supportive and inspiring place for yourself, your work and/or private relationships.