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"The strength of every woman is based on 5 pillars"


During "this coaching trajectory "  for women you find balance

in every facet of feminine beauty.

In a safe place you create space for a new beginning.

e.g. Your transition to peace, harmony and vitality

Every woman has her unique life cycle. However,   practice shows that age 33 is a crucial age to "plant seeds" for the future. 

By taking a moment to slow down, you can then carry on stronger than ever and at a more sustainable pace. 

The journey to yourself passes by

in-depth therapeutic fascia treatments, counseling sessions

and aesthetic moments.

The program is tailored to your personal needs.

Each time the emphasis is different. 

The result?

That remains the same:Balance & empowerment.

Are you ready for pure beauty and power? 

Inside and out? 

Plan a free introductory meeting and allow yourself a growth trajectory. 


Feminine Balance & Empowerment 33+

" The journey to yourself"

Vragenlijst Intake .jpg

The conversation - questionnaire


From a psychological approach we discover what you need to radiate strength. 


You are evaluating. 

I evaluate.

We evaluate together. 

Your notebook, my findings, additional questions,..... are discussed in this session. 

Body .jpg

With my hands I feel which themes require attention. 

You enter a state of deep relaxation and increase your awareness. From more body awareness you evolve to more self awareness. 


vrouw zen op het werk.jpg

You learn to bend and direct your thoughts to achieve your goals and to fully empower yourself as a woman.


I make you aware of your skin and teach you how to take optimal care of it. So that the healthy glow makes you shine.

The skin is our network organ with the outside world. 

Boost4beauty. jpg

Together we optimize your living and working environment to support you in everything you do. More breathing space for more well-being. 

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