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Well-being at work




Individual session or in group

It'all in the mind. In a short, powerful mindset session you learn to control your thoughts: Meditation



- Strong mindset

- Brightness

- Motivation

- Self confidence

- Welfare

- Discover potential

- Focus

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With the financial support of the Flemish Government.


Check if you qualify:


Career coaching

This session is eligible for subsidy via career vouchers,

if your coaching question is framed within:

- workable work

- the work/life balance

- meaning

- learn to apply/present yourself/connect

- other topics will be forwarded, i collaborate with other coaches

Non-verbal communication: Body language & presenting yourself 

Practical Tips & Roll-Plays

What message is your body sending out? 

Your face, an open book.

Feel good in your own skin!


Individual government support measure:

You can easily pay for a maximum of 7 hours of valuable career guidance with career checks.

That way you only pay a small part yourself.

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Well-being at work






Individual sessions

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