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Boost4beauty is all about beauty.
Human and business beauty.
I view beauty from my holistic point of view
in the broadest sense of the word.
Beauty as a source of a conscious and balanced life.
Both companies and individuals benefit from a Boost4beauty.

What does beauty mean for Boost4beauty?

Beauty is a state of being where everything is in balance. You experience balance in every aspect of your being: your body, your thoughts, your skin, your appearance and your workplace.


Are you balanced as a person? Then you radiate peace and confidence. Your professional and personal environment finds this attractive.


People connect with people. And that's just a little more fun when they're beautiful people. Balanced people who stand in their strength.

How does Boost4beauty make you shine?

Every part of my offering therefore involves these five pillars: body, skin, look, mind and home. Do you pay attention to each aspect? Then you have all the assets to experience balance and radiate pure beauty.


My personal coaching is an absolute added value in your journey towards a balanced look. Practical tips and tricks bring you a little closer to a beautiful life full of confidence, peace and energy through every pillar. On a professional and personal level.


Do you balance the five pillars? Then you create the perfect framework for creating your (professional) life.

What part do the five pillars of Boost4beauty play?

The five pillars are the thread running through every aspect of my offering, specifically for women.



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  • Exclusief voor de vrouw. Exclusively for women. Session d'essai Corps,...

    77 euros
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