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"The strength of every woman rests on 5 pillars"


During the coaching trajectory for women, you will find balance

in every facet of feminine beauty.

In a safe place, you create space for a new beginning.

eg. Your transition to peace, harmony and vitality

Balance & Awareness for the 33+ woman

Every woman has her unique life cycle. However, practice shows that age 33 is a crucial age to "plant seeds" for the future. 


By taking a moment to slow down, you can then continue stronger than ever and on a new momentum, more sustainably. 


The journey to yourself leads through

in-depth therapeutic fascia treatments, counseling sessions

and aesthetic moments.

The journey is tailored to your personal needs.

Each time the emphasis is different. 


The outcome?

That remains the same: Female balance & awareness/inspiration

Are you ready for pure beauty and strength? 

Inside and out? 


Schedule a free introductory consultation and allow yourself a growth journey.


BC 33+

'A Journey to Yourself'

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