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Facial & Body Treatments

Come and enjoy first of all a delightful facial or body treatment in my practice. 

Daily SKIN ritual!

However, I encourage a daily SKIN ritual, learn to take good care of your skin in the morning and evening, using the right products at your home. 

I teach you the proper way to do that. 

This really makes a difference, along with implementing some eating and lifestyle habits and more balance in your life. 


What cosmetics do you apply? 

Do you really want to know if your current cosmetics work and are healthy for your skin? You can find out in this session! 

Feel free to bring your current jars, with the full ingredients list,

(sometimes it is not on the bottle but on the box or leaflet). 

No obligation to buy the brands used in my practice, I will show you the way to healthy cosmetics. 


Ageing more beautifully!

But how? Are there remedies?  Do they help? 

What should you pay attention to?

Get help from non-invasive techniques from an aesthetic doctor? 


Balance in your body, in your life, reflects in your skin! 

Feeling better in your skin.

Download folder SELFCARE well-being here
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