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Deep relaxation


Fascia therapy - also called Movement Awareness Physiotherapy - is a physiotherapy concept that acts on four domains (body - physiology- emotion- zest for life) that may apply to your complaints and symptoms. 


Areas of pain and tension. More freedom of movement, space to breathe.

More in touch with your body. 


Fasciatherapy focuses on your stress system, acts on your nervous system and blood flow in your body: these elements affect you both physically and psychologically. It brings you balance between your body, feelings and behaviour. 


What we feel often determines our behaviour. Conversely, our thinking often determines our feeling and behaviour. You learn to observe and break your patterns. 

It creates a more autonomous and flexible way of dealing with your complaint, yourself and your environment. 

Zest for life

Thanks to fascia therapy, you can rediscover your individuality and resilience and be more positive in life. Together, we strive for more quality of life. 


For whom? 

Chronic psychosomatic complaints, burnout, anxiety, hyperventilation, chest pressure, loss of private/work life, neck/shoulder complaints, overwork, emotional blockage, migraines, lack of energy, oedemas, lack of carrying capacity, resilience, exhaustion, psychological decompensation, chronic stress, tinnutus/cramped jaw muscles, PTS, not finding rest, always wanting to be busy, talking fast,...

For these indications, you can come here with a doctor's (kiné) prescription.


You can also use fasciatherapy for personal development.

Learning to feel, learning to slow down temporarily to observe, feeling whether you are still on the right track, experiencing inner peace, getting rid of burden, recharging yourself, making work/life choices from your heart, better work/life balance, becoming aware of your patterns.

I let you move in your direction, to your rhythm,.... move forward,....

in your body, in your life, in your environment.

This is covered by VAT rate. 


"The power and depth of fascia therapy is in the gentleness of the treatment."

                                                                                             Danis Bois.

Download an article on fascia therapy here.

Experiential session? 
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