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Liesbeth Brosens

for Boost4beauty

‘Did you know that scars are the roadmaps to the soul?’ 

I like to awaken your unique strength in a very practical way.

Whether you enter into a journey and dive into the depths or opt for fun , 

more superficial "quick wins".


Therapist - Counselor - Coach - Consultant

The youngest of five, I grew up in an idyllic, inspiring place near Mechelen. I loved spending my time in nature. Daydreaming and playing with animals, mud and water in and around the beautiful moat.


I was always passionate about psychology, people and beauty. Yet as a twenty-something I chose to study physical therapy, followed by the VLEKHO Business School in Brussels for marketing and communication. With cosmetology as a hobby and a support base of medically trained family members, I dreamed of establishing Medical Wellness Clinics worldwide after my studies.


Despite my grand ambitions, after my studies I rolled into a career in the pharmaceutical industry. For sixteen years, I’ve demonstrated  my added value in companies such as Sanofi, La Roche Posay, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Johnson & Johnson and Allergan.


The common thread throughout my career in pharmaceuticals was dermatology or in my holistic view of skin today, I would say that even then I was already involved with ‘connecting people’ with themselves and with others. It was an instructive time, where I learned how to make lasting relationships and have deep conversations with doctors, and the person behind the doctor.

I also supported them professionally, on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. These were tough years with tight deadlines and targets.

Yet it didn't give me the satisfaction I was looking for. 


In 2012 an important shift occurred.

Events in my work and personal life and my body invited me to stay close to myself and work more from feeling and intuition.

What work would give me deep satisfaction?


I took time to slow down and come home to myself in silence.

Therein I discovered the importance of a home and/or workplace. 

The personal development that followed was golden. I found the courage to discover my dark and light side and show my unique person to the world.


Looking back on my career, I realized that connecting people and creating beauty, with themselves or their potential and with others, had always given me tremendous satisfaction. It was a challenging quest as a mother of 3 beautiful children and wife of a busy husband to better align my work and personal life.

In the superficial and deep inner, physical and emotional work including sometimes existential questions in my practice and the more light-hearted and business assignments outside the home, I found the ideal combination.


My mission was clear: As a therapist, counselor and coach, I would help people find their inner and outer beauty. My training as a physical therapist and fascia therapist is the access to your process from the inside out. Your body reveals your blockages and challenges.

From there, a customized process emerges to put you in your power again. Making you shine inside and out.

Since 2019, women can do this in my private practice in Sint-Martens-Latem, in addition to the wellness treatments I initially started in 2014.


Are you also looking for more? A new challenge to really live your unique added value? To know your current growth potential?

Standing in your power as a woman?

Or just looking for more balance and peace? 


In need of inspiration? 

I am an inexhaustible source of inspiration and your rock during your process.

But creativity and humor are also included to let go and put things into perspective.

​With Boost4beauty, I focus on well-being at work, female balance & inspiration and selfcare

From my own experience and learning process (I refer to my LinkedIn profile for the full learning and career overview)

I work with 5 pillars: BODY SKIN MIND LOOK HOME.


Curious about the added value I can mean for you, your job event or your company team?

Then book a free introductory meeting.

I look forward to really meeting you. 


Liesbeth Brosens

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