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As a child I preferred to be in nature, daydreaming and playing with mud and water in the beautiful moat, living in an inspiring aesthetic place near Mechelen. †  

My passion was psychology, people and singing, yet I am in my twenties for

went to study physiotherapy ,

with additional Vlekho business school in marketing and communication, my hobby became cosmetology.


"Rolled" in the pharmaceutical industry, eventually working for 16 years for, among others, Sanofi, La Roche Posay, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Johnson & Johnson, Allergan.

Dermatology was what I really liked to do, but I have also focused on psychiatry, palliative care, medical aesthetics and anti-aging.  

But above all, I was able to establish a fast and lasting professional connection with thousands of people in the context of the pharmaceutical business.

I was successful, yet I found in  2010 in myself an important shift took place.

I was invited to get moving myself.

This movement announced itself as an invitation to go more to my feelings and intuition .

I first had to come home to myself in silence , by slowing down.

Questions like:

What is my added value? 

What makes sense? 

Who am I? 

What are my qualities, talents,...... came up.

How can I be more of service?  

This silence was the start of really active work on "my personal development".


As I was, I could hardly sit still :)

I started giving simple aesthetic treatments

from my practice in frasnes-lez-anvaing in combination with a real estate internship, i had ended up there through another hobby, namely home staging, feng shui and the first instance, all very "superficial aesthetic work".

However, by working with the body, I also became more "present" in my body, in myself.

And through real estate and the people who live in it I came into contact with "their life story", the psychologist and the therapist came back up in me, I spoke for hours about "life", changing direction, making choices,.. .  

What was released in my practice and in people's homes in terms of emotions, etc. I wanted to be able to capture, channel, and put at the service of themselves, to let them quickly take their next step.  

I was, after all, "a (kinesi) therapist"?!  


I became passionate about the connection between body, your environment (your home) and your psyche. 

Yet I wanted to "professionalize" all these experiences. 

I distanced myself from "commercial objectives", after all I wanted to be more serviceable to people.  

I started to follow coaching methods and  studying fasciatherapy , a specialization in osteopathy taught to physiotherapists.  


After working for a long time in an environment in which esp.  "the mind, the mental"

was important, "the feeler" came up again in me, working in silence, in your own inspiring and supportive place, intensifies all my senses: (inner) seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting have become real tools in my treatments.  

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children.

I am also the wife of a business manager.  


The integration of all these activities and skills and better matching private and work life has led me to the services, treatments and trajectories that I now offer since 2019 in my Boost4beauty practice in Sint-Martens-Latem.  


Feel Welcome!


Liesbeth Brosens  

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