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‘Did you know that scars are the roadmaps to the soul?’ 

I like to awaken your unique strength in a very practical way.

Whether you enter into a journey and dive into the depths or opt for fun , 

more superficial "quick wins".


Therapist - Counselor - Coach 

My Journey 

As the youngest of five, I grew up in an idyllic environment near Mechelen, where I spent most of my time in nature, daydreaming, singing, and playing with animals and water around the beautiful moat. I was observant, interested in people and beauty, their motivations, psychology, and existential meaning. However, I pursued a degree in physiotherapy and continued with an evening course in aesthetics entrepreneurship. My ambition was to work internationally in medical wellness clinics, preferably in an idyllic location.

This was over 25 years ago.

I have a passion for lifelong learning. For a comprehensive overview of my studies and experiences over the past decade, which have contributed to my holistic vision, I kindly refer you to my LinkedIn page.

After my formal studies, I first entered the pharmaceutical industry, where I demonstrated my value for sixteen years at companies such as Sanofi, La Roche Posay, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Johnson & Johnson, and Allergan, mainly focused on dermatology. And as a token of appreciation for my performance, my first employer enrolled me in a 2-year master's program in marketing and communication at the VLEKHO Business School in Brussels after my first year of work. Although I gained valuable experiences and built sustainable relationships, I did not find the fulfillment I sought.

In 2012, an important change occurred in my life when I was invited to work more from my feelings and intuition. This led to personal development where I discovered my own dark and light sides and dared to show my unique self to the world. Looking back on my career, I realized that connecting people and creating beauty, both internally and externally, always gave me fulfillment. As a therapist, counselor, and coach, I aim to guide people in finding their inner and outer beauty, drawing on my background as a physiotherapist and fascia therapist.

I always start from your body, addressing its needs at the moment.

Where a therapist stops, I can take a step further. As a counselor and coach, I am available to guide you according to your needs. For an evaluation of my value, you first fill out an intake questionnaire.

If I think, feel, see, ...that I cannot adequately guide you or if additional support is needed, I am happy to refer you to more specialized help.

My network is extensive.

Having walked the path of the corporate world myself, being a mother of three children, married to a business leader, I can adopt an experiential approach with practical tips and tricks that I have applied myself. You will certainly experience a better balance and awareness, both in your life and work, faster than I did (it took me more than 10 years).

With Boost4beauty, I focus on workplace well-being, feminine balance & consciousness, and self-care,

working with the pillars BODY SKIN MIND LOOK HOME.


Would you like to discover more about what I can do for you and the people around you? Then book a free introductory meeting.


I look forward to meeting you.

Liesbeth Brosens

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