Branding yourself online .webp

How? - IN coaching: individual / group: 20 min boost session

True? At the Booth of Boost4beauty at Your (Job) event

Why? Boosting people makes sense  


Scope of application:  

On behalf of Flemish universities, give their graduates, applicants, international profiles more impact in advance.

Job fairs, also online.

Connecting and standardizing a professional team of people. 

Team building activity.

Boost a fast professional contact, install trust.  



You only get 1 chance to make a good first impression

or a sustainable professional contact

to do with other people.  


Book one of the 5 domains per event:


BODY session 

By 2 minutes before a job interview or before any professional 

important contact 

adopt a "forceful and open attitude"

instead of a "closed and protective"

you have a better chance

- get the job or assignment 

- to make a good first impression

- to quickly lay the foundation of a good professional relationship

- your direction  & target to follow

- to remain in your stability during certain professional circumstances

Purely through your attitude and body language you can reduce stress

and quickly boost your confidence.  

SKIN session  

One of the 5 tips in non-verbal communication, the skin is our

network organ.

Makeup and professional photo.  

LOOK session  

Additionally, I can give a boost in how you present yourself to

the outside world.  

Presenting you authentically with more impact.

Color advice can be discussed, not style advice.  

For a team of people it can be useful of professional uniformity

to create to focus on the  essence (the message or the company)  

MIND session

Shift focus.  

Boost self-confidence.  

Raise potential.

Roll plays

HOME(OFFICE) session

5 TIPS to visualize Online with more impact.  

We set this up online together.