In addition to "the learned skills and coaching models, treatments and tools in itself, the combination of the services offered is the unique added value.


Some tools are very well known and simple, others less so. 

However, they are often just a simple means of touching a deeper layer.  

The coaching trajectory is the result of personal evolution, a process that never ends, both for me and for you.

             "Being in the right place at the right time"

The method is not intended to be scientifically grounded, but to start an experiential process that can proceed and be experienced differently for everyone.

The result of "understanding" is not only in the visible result, the intellect, the rational understanding, the A to Z thinking.

You leave here with a more "inner understanding", the real result is in "the feeler", in your body, and that's how I came back to my very first skill, after all I was a physio"therapist"?

I'd be happy to get you going, or even more in your hallway!  


Feel welcome! As a person, as a woman, as a coachee

in this unique trajectory. 

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